All I can taste is champagne…

I am not a big resolution person, I never really have been.  I would rather focus my time and energy on things that I know I can achieve, so instead of resolutions that will inevitably get broken, I set goals for myself through out the year.  Yes, there are the typical: loose a bit of weight, eat healthier, don’t drink as much alcohol, clean a bit more.  But some that are unique to me and all that is Breakfast @ Kiki’s.

1. Post at least 15 times per month – I can, have, and will continue to do this.  On average if I can do 15 posts per month I am golden.  Over the past few months I have been hammering down my weekly features, scheduling posts to optimize my time, and learning a lot about what content I want to feature.  I am so looking forward to 2016, and all of the possibilities!

2. Saving more – I am pretty bad when it comes to buying things.  I am very into quality, and sometimes that means spending a lot.  But with everything that went on this year I need to tone it down in 2016.  I am finally pinning down my skincare and beauty routines, so I’m not as obsessed with trying new stuff.  I own a lot of great “forever wardrobe” pieces, and a lot of my shoes are still in great condition.

3. Focusing on my writing – I have a few story/movie ideas that I want to complete in 2016.  I know that saying and doing are two very different things, but I can finish at least one of my ideas in 366 days (It’s leap year!).

4. Read more – I have so many books on my ever growing reading list and I need to make time to get through the books I have and have started.

For 2016 I decided to not overwhelm myself.  I am just getting settled in my new position and I want to excel at my job.  And in addition I want to excel in my personal life, all while exploring my passions.  I am so excited for all that 2016 can and will be!  Happy New Year!  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Champagne by Sugarcult


A selfish kind of life…

In addition to reaching the 300 post mark, August brings Breakfast @ Kiki’s third year!  And boy, oh boy what a year it has been!  J and I are waiting for our little girl to finally arrive, and preparing for her has been no easy task!  My twenty-eighth birthday is next month…  Which is totally blowing my mind!  I can’t believe I have been doing this for three years.  It feels like it was just yesterday.

Over the next few months I anticipate sporadic posts.  I know I’m going to be consumed by my new role as a new mother.  There is so much that I have never experienced in regards to babies, let alone newborns and I know there will be an adjustment period.

Then before we know it the holidays will be upon us.  The rest of the year will be host to so many firsts.  We just have to get through the rest of the Summer, which by the way, this is the first time in my life I have wanted to rush through the Summer.  It has been so brutally hot and humid in my neck of the woods that I just can’t deal with the heat for much longer.

In other pregnancy news I have like five ensembles that still fit me, I am at 29 nine weeks, which means she is about 2 1/2 pounds, and like 15ish inches…  And that means we have about 11 weeks to go… What?!  Saying that hardly seems right, or real, but it is…

There really isn’t that much else going on, I’m waiting to hear the results of my glucose test.  That was fun, I had to drink this really gross extra sugary stuff and then sit in the waiting room of the lab for an hour.  Then I had five vials of blood taken.  I’m pretty sure by the time all of my testing has been done during my pregnancy, there will have been more blood taken than I will have left.  I visit the doctor next this week, and apparently now that I’m in my third trimester my appointments need to be more frequent.  And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,


Title from: Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt

I once had dreams of becoming a beautiful poet…

I thought I would share a bit of what I am working on…  It seems like my days are dictated by what I am able to accomplish.  It’s not always easy, simple, or even productive.

  1. I have been writing a lot, I mean like just about everyday.  I know that if I don’t I can easily fall into a funk of never writing ever, and that can be hard to break.  Whether it’s a sentence or two, a poem, of a full fledged blog post I have to keep motivated.
  2. I have been taking a bunch of photos.  I am still nowhere near being a “good” as a photographer as I would like to be, but I am getting a lot better.  Some shoot days I take as many as four hundred photos.  And it can be daunting when you only end up using about 10-20 of them.
  3. Scheduling, I talk about this all the time, that scheduling posts can be a life saver.  I have some posts scheduled into September.  But I recently expanded on this notion and decided to track my posts in a couple of ways.  I keep a list of the date and title, so I don’t use the same lyrics, and I set up a Google calendar, so I can see what days I’m scheduling posts.  It has made all of the difference.  And once this post is done and scheduled, I’m about 90% done with my March posts.  And I finished this post far before it even hit my blog.  Many bloggers use similar ideas to track their posts, and I gotta say they really work.
  4. WordPress – I’m finally getting the hang of my new platform.  It’s been great, challenging, and absolutely terrifying.  But I don’t regret moving from Blogger at all.  I have learned so much over the past few months, and I am learning a lot day by day.

I love making lists, if you all haven’t noticed, and doing this type of post keeps me honest.  Not to mention accountable.  Tracking my progress is important to me.  It shows how far I have come, not only as a Blogger, but as a writer too, which is something I’ve always called myself, and wanted to achieve.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: Quote from LDR’s Ride video

All the gray turns into gold…

A month into the new year and I fell like I am off the a great start to my 2016!  I have been working diligently to optimize my time behind the scenes and deliver some great content!  I’ve also added new Twitter and Facebook pages for B@K’s!  I wasn’t so sure that I would find the time to enjoy anything this month, but alas I was wrong and I enjoyed several things!

1. Shadowhunters – I am a huge fan of supernatural fiction, and I loved The Mortal Instuments movie, so when I discovered that the story was being developed into a series I couldn’t wait!  It’s airing on the new Freeform (formerly ABC Family).  I’ve gone in with a grain of salt, again I loved the movie, but I have not read the books so I don’t know which is better or more true to the series.  I’m really enjoying the show and I’m planning on picking up the books! 
2. New notebooks – A month into the new year and it’s already time for a new notebook.  My Mom got me this totally adorable one with blue and green whales on it!  I’ve already begun filling it with  all of my ideas for B@K!
3. Staying hydrated – I am all about staying hydrated, and this year I am staying on top of it.  It’s so important for your well being, so I’m making it a priority in 2016.
4. iPhone 6 Plus – J and I recently upgraded our phones, and it was a long time coming! I may look like a baby holding an iPad, but it was so worth it!  I am never going back.  It takes way better pictures, it’s fast as hell, and it’s actually responsive!  And there are so many updated features that my old iPhone 4 just didn’t have.  
5. DM boots – I have been lusting after a pair of Doc Marten combat boots for years!  Breaking them in has been a challenge, but it’s so worth it!  I can’t wait to wear them with sun dresses in Spring.  
6. War and Peace – J and I recently started watching War and Peace, on BBC, it’s really well done.  I am a sucker for the classics and this show is right up my alley.  This story has it all!  And Lily James is in it!
I am so looking forward to February and all the possibilities that it can bring.  It also means we are so much closer to Spring…  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now

Title from: Black and White Movies by Andrew McMahon 

I’ve been a little hard to reach…

I thought today I might do something a little different.  And share a few things that I am working on.  I do this occasionally, and it’s been a while, so here we go!

1. I have been working like a mad woman behind the scenes, planning posts, scheduling, replying to comments, reading a ton about blogging and how to get better, and stressing, mainly stressing.  There is so much going on at B@K’s right now, I hardly know which way is up.  And on top of all of that I work full time.

2. I finally set up separate social media for B@K’s, you can follow me here on Twitter and here on Facebook.  I figured it was way past the time I should have done this, and it’s not too much of a challenge to curate the additional accounts.

3. I’ll say it again, planning posts is such a God send… It makes me so happy/warm/fuzzy/fulfilled… I could talk about it for days…

4. I have this story idea I’ve been working on and I can’t get enough of it.  I have been writing almost everyday, whether it’s a post idea, or some of my story.  I figure as long as I keep writing I’m golden.

5. I have been working on taking better photos.  I use my iPhone6 Plus, my point and shoot Sony, and J’s Cannon, I usually take a ton of pictures and hope that a few come out okay, but more recently I am doing much better.  I am so excited for what the future brings with my photography.

I’m keeping really busy over here!  I am so excited for some of the things that I have planned over the next few months.  Stay tuned!  And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: See Her On The Weekend by Andrew McMahon