Like my lipstick, the color of dawn…

As I did last year I’m going to share some of my favourite beauty products from 2016. This is a little late going up, being that it’s now the end of January, but better late than never! This year I didn’t splurge too much, I stuck to a lot of what I know, so with that being said, I took the time to use up samples and look for less expensive alternatives to established faves.

1. Fresh Sugar Face Polish – I got this as part of the spa discovery trio, and I only recently opened this scrub. I found a refreshing scent, a gentle exfoliate, and a skin master. My skin looks great after using this scrub, not that I was surprised!

2. Burt’s Bees BB Cream – When I read that Burt’s Bees was releasing a BB I knew I had to try it! And I found myself loving it. All the essentials are there, the coverage is buildable, the formula light, the colour match great! And the best part is the price, I have spent a lot of money in the search of a great BB, and it can be found at your local Target!

3. Bobbi Brown Eye Cream – This is my first Bobbi Brown product experience and it’s not going to be the last, as I am with most eye creams, I don’t expect much going in, but this is right up there with L’Occatain Immortel Eye Balm.

4. Josie Maran Argan Oil – If there is one thing I love, it’s a face oil, I got this as a point perk from Sephora and in between switching up my skin care I decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised, it’s a lightweight, well aborsbing oil, there’s no scent which is also nice, and it’s a little less expensive in comparison to my Fresh Seaberry oil, and there is also a jumbo size.

5. John Freida Sea Waves – very similar to the original from the late 90s early 00s. It enhances my natural waves and give great texture, all for a whole hell of a lot less than Bumble and Bumble Sea Salt Spray. And a lot more nostalgic for me too.

6. NARS Cruella – I’ve always been a red lippie sort of gal, but I, like many struggled to find the right shade and the confidence to pull it off. I have always been team NARS and this is no different. It’s rich deep red with a huge colour pay off, I rarely find myself reapplying. And I love this shade for Autumn/Winter, when deeper matte reds are in order.

7. Earthmama Angelbaby Nipple butter – about 6 months into my pregnancy there was a lot going on with my body, one strange thing that happened was my nipples were so dry that they were flaking.  Regular body lotion and cocoa butter did not work, this was the only product that did the trick. Also great for use on your elbows to smooth them.

8. Bumble and Bumble Invisible Hairdresser’s Oil Shampoo and Conditioner – I got both as a point perk and finally decided to try them, that was a mistake, because I love them and they are expensive! They both smell great, the shampoo makes my hair feel really clean, while the conditioner leaves my hair really soft and manageable. I prefer to use them before a blowout.

9. Water – Legit just drinking a shit ton of water. During this year alcohol and coffee were kept to ridiculously low minimums, and rightfully so, and water stepped up in a big way! Once I calculated how many ounces of water I drank and is was triple digits. It was summer and really hot.

10. Fresh lip balm – I got this as part of a holiday set I got at last year’s VIB Rouge sale and I freaking love it! I didn’t want to because of its steep for what it is price tag and because I have a million EOS lip balm eggs, but I will repurchase in the future. I love the lemony scent, you don’t find that with many Fresh products.

I’m looking forward to work through a lot of my beauty stash again this year and focus on skin care.  I’m looking forward to a healthier 2017, and little by little I will share my skin care and wellness progress.  And on that note it’s time to end!

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Title from: Bentley by LDR

If you steal my sunshine…

Now that Spring is here again, I thought it might be nice to share my got to look for the season.  I tend to keep my make up look fresh, easy, and simple.  So for this look refer back to my every day tutorial (here), then follow along!

Always start with clean, moisturized skin, apply primer (I use Benefit) and desired coverage base (I use Clinique), or concealer (I use Benefit) if you have only a few trouble spots.  Set with pressed or loose powder (I use Besame).  Apply blush along cheek bone and sweep up to temples, also apply on apples of cheeks.  I use Nars Orgasm blush.

For my eyes I am using my go to base Mac Shroom all over my lid and under my brow bone.  Then I use Mac Swimming for the outer corners of my eye, I then line my eyes with Mac Humid.  I love these Mac shadows.  The pigment is great, the colours last all day, they blend well, and are reasonably priced.  I finish my eyes off with Mascara, I am currently using Benefit Roller Lash.

base MAC Shroom
base MAC Shroom
Blending Swimming and Humid
Benefit Rollerlash

I am finishing my look off with my lips, for this look I chose Mac Viva Glam V.  Such a great lippie, I have been using this shade for a long time.  I first bought it for my wedding make up.  I am still loving this shade and formula.

This look is really all about the eye shadow.  And green is my favourite colours, it really makes my green eyes pop!  I hope everyone has been enjoying my tutorial, because I sure have!  And on that note, it’s time to end!

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Title from: Steal My Sunshine by Len (remember them? Late 90s radio hits at it’s finest!)

And all the ways I got to know, your pretty face and electric soul…

Today I am sharing one of my favourite dresses.  I got this dress a few years ago from Diane von Furstenberg, and can she do a wrap dress or what?  This dress is very spring-y, and I must say I am so ready for it!




Dress: Diane von Furstenberg (similar), Shoes: Ivanka Trump, Necklace: Tiffany and Co., Bracelets: Vintage, Lipstick: Nars Annabella
There is nothing more classic than a wrap dress, other than well the black and white pattern…  This dress is such a comfortable, easy to wear piece.  It can go from day to night flawlessly.  And on that note, it’s time to end!
All for now,
Title from: Young and Beautiful by LDR

Dreaming of the water where I’d rise like a phoenix…

February was a short month and I manged to enjoy a whole heck of a lot of things.  It started off quite busy for me.  And it felt like it flew by.  We also were spoiled with the weather and had a few unseasonably warm days too!

1. Nars Audacious Annabella – This is quickly becoming my new favorite lippie.  And it’s no surprise that it comes from Nars.  I featured it for my Valentine’s Day make up and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I will definitely me adding more colours to my collection in the future.

2. Winter Uniform – I have been living in sweater and trousers for work pretty much since Autumn.  I can not stress how comfortable I’ve been and it’s easy, albeit boring, and will probably be my uniform until Spring.  Just based on how cold it is in my office!

3. The X-Files – This cult classic came back to T.V. in January, and of course like the sci-fi nerd I am I just had to check it out!  Moulder and Scully are back at it solving mysteries, most often having to do with aliens.  J thought it would be a good idea to start watching the series from the beginning while simultaneously watching new episodes.  Major spoilers came my way because of it.  Even though I know where the characters end up I am really enjoying the original series and the new episodes!

4. Popcorn – I love popcorn as a snack (sometimes dinner).  It’s salty and buttery and goes great with a nice grenacha (I like Bitch 2010).  Ever since I got my braces off in December I have been eating popcorn like it’s going out of style.

I am so looking forward to March, but really just Spring.  I love the warm weather and breaking out my S/S clothes is always exciting for me.  March has a lot in store for me, and I am really excited about it all!  And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: I Can Fly by LDR

And, darling, I will be loving you ’til we’re 70…

Valentine’s day is not the biggest deal for J and I, we usually spend a quiet evening at home together.  J usually cooks dinner, I always want seafood of some sort.  We try to watch a movie or catch up on our T.V. shows.  So I have been having so much fun with my tutorials, I thought I might share my date night make up.  J and I don’t get to have many date nights with our budget, so when we do it is super special, even if we splurge on a nice dinner at home.

I always start with a clean, dry, and moisturized face. And you can find my everyday make up tutorial here, we are just adding to that.  For this look I am going heavier on the eye make up and bolder on the lip.  For the beginning steps you can check out my everyday make up tutorial.

Applying eye shadow

When I do a night look I tend to wear a bit more eye make up.  I live for Mac Shroom, I use it all over my lid, the inner corner of my eyes, and at my brow bone.  I then use Retro liner (Bare Minerals I can’t find it anymore) with an angled liner brush and I heavily apply it.  I then finish my eyes with mascara, I’m currently using Benefit Roller Lash.  I am enjoying it so far.  But I still don’t love it as much as Diorshow.  

Tools of the trade
I almost always do my lips last.  For this look I am busting out the big guns with Annabella, I have been a NARS fan for years and it doesn’t get much better than Audacious.  This is my first Audacious lippie.  This range from Nars is very popular with lippie aficionados, and I am a convert for sure.  I think it’s the perfect finishing touch to a great date night look.


Complete look

For my make up look I decided to pair it with my favourite J. Crew sweater and my Ann Taylor LOFT leather skirt.  No look is complete without shoes.  And I went with my Ivanka Trump pumps.  This gold clutch is amazing.  I got it from a flea market a few years ago.  I hardly use it because of how small it is.  Regardless it’s darling.


Like I mentioned Valentine’s Day is one of those days that does not have that much bearing in my day to day.  I do how ever enjoy any excuse to dress up and have a great time with J.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  And one that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

Red lips and rosy cheeks

This weeks OOTD shares one of my favourite pieces I never wear.  Well how can it be my favourite if I never wear it you ask?  I have no idea.  My mom gave me this Calvin Klein skirt last Summer because it no longer fit her.  And I have been reaping the benefits ever since!

This top was a gift from my Mom from Forever 21, from two years ago now.  I usually don’t shop there, but this shirt is really nice.

This camel pencil skirt is really nice.  It’s so comfortable to wear, it’s easy to wear, and it goes with everything.

I paired this look with my Nine West nude pumps.  They are so comfortable and easy to wear.  They go with so much, and they can be worn all year round.

Ensemble: Top Forever 21 similar colour or similar style, Skirt Calvin Klein similar, Shoes Nine West (not pictured), Lipstick Nars Annabella
All for now, 
Title from: Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

Everything looks better from above my king, like aqua marine, ocean’s blue

For this weeks OOTD I am dusting off an oldie but a goodie.  You know THAT Issa dress?  The one K. Middy wore for her engagement announcement.  This look is very reminiscent of that.  It’s no surprise Kate Middleton is one of my fashion icons.  I mean she is a freaking princess (I know, I know, she actually a Duchess…)

This dress does not need much to look amazing.  It’s a great navy, super comfortable and I got it on sale from my local Macy’s for $25.00.  This dress is a Ralph Lauren faux wrap.  If I wear it to work I like to layer a cami, for night you can easily get a way without one.  I paired my dress with my Ivanka Trump Janie pumps.  

Ensemble: Dress Ralph Lauren(similar) or splurge, Shoes Ivanka Trump, Necklace Tiffany and Co., Lipstick Nars Annabella

All for now,

Title from: Salvatore by LDR