If you want my auto, want my autobiography… Just ask me…


I am Kiki and this is Breakfast at Kiki’s.  My little space on the internet, a place for me to share my passions.  I am a twenty-something (80s baby 90s kid complete with all the pop culture references), beach bum transplant, banker by day, blogger by night, wife, mother, sister, daughter, foodie, writer, and self proclaimed fashionista.  I live in the Hudson Valley in Upstate New York with my husband J, Daughter, and our dog Mac.  I started this blog as a creative outlet and sort of a fun hobby where I could share my favourite things: writing, literature, fashion, food, scifi, and family.  I have always had a love writing and the English language.  I started writing in journals as far back as I can remember and then started writing creatively around the fifth or sixth grade.  My second passion is fashion, and it has always been a really big part of my life, I can remember sitting on my bed as a child ripping apart my mother’s old issues of Vogue and Vanity Fair saving whole editorials for years creating a “lookbook” of all of the fashion I had lusted over from childhood to early teen-hood.  Not to mention my mother had every bag in the Gucci line (it was the 80s, she was young, and they were amazing!).  I quickly came to the realization that once I topped out at 5’3″ I would never grace the runways of New York, London or Milan.   My mission: bring easy quality ensembles for the young professional woman, trying to be eco-friendly (I shop my closet before shopping) [check out my post on The True Cost {mentioned here}], share my thoughts on quality beauty products, favourite things, the occasional parenting tip, and my days with you.   So I follow me on my journey through twenty-somethingville (or down the rabbit hole, for my love of Alice in Wonderland).

P.S. I am the worst photographer, any good shots are probably a miracle or J’s handy work.


Autobiography by Ashlee Simpson (Yeah I went there, I’m a sucker for angsty girl music)


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