All I wanna do is get by by the beach…

This week’s save vs. splurge edition is all about the white swimsuit, something you covet, but never swim in, something you are terrified to spill your beverage of choice on, while soaking up the sun. If you guys couldn’t tell I so, so, so miss the beach! I haven’t been since the summer of ’06 when I went down to NJ to the Warped Tour (just in case you haven’t noticed I’m a highly functioning recovering EMO kid). And even then my mother and I ran out of the car, after dark and stuck our toes in the sand (we probably shouldn’t have done that, oops!) Anyway, I digress, here is a save vs. splurge that I was totally inspired by LDR’s Blue Jeans video.


So I am so in love with Ray Ban sunnies, I’ve had mine for like six years now, I prety much wear them everyday, and I’ll probably need a new pair soon, but I’ll keep on keeping on until they break! And can we discuss this pair of Ancient Greek Sandals? OMG I have been lusting after a pair for quite a while now, I love the Chanel esque vibe, and the wing detail is adorable! Floppy hats are key whether your poolside or soaking up some rays while the waves break against the shore.  And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: High By the Beach by LDR


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