Happy New Year

I’ve never been a big resolution person, I would rather focus my time and energy on things that I know I can achieve. So instead of resolutions that will inevitably get broken, I set goals for myself through out the year. Yes, there are the typical: loose a bit of weight, eat healthier, don’t drink as much alcohol, clean a bit more. But some that are unique to me and all that is Breakfast @ Kiki’s.
1. Post more – This was something I started off strong doing last year, then I found out I was pregnant and my free time was consumed with baby stuff and sleeping. I figured if I start slow I’ll get. back in the game in no time!

2. Being more frugal – some unfortunate circumstances arose for us last year and we are having to really scrimp and save. I’m not going to have J. Crew, Nordies, Sephora, and any other shopping sprees this year, I’m going to only buy what I need for myself and try and wait for serious sales. 

3. Focusing on my writing – I have to be better at this, I think I only broke 30k on my novel, again pregnancy kicked my butt, and I just didn’t have the time or energy to work as hard as I intended. 

4. Read more – I have so many books on my ever growing reading list and I need to make time to get through the books I have and have started, this I can do, also something I wanted to accomplish last year, but fell by the wayside. 

5. Practice yoga – I have learned to love yoga, but finding the time have been challenging. I want to start with a couple easy routines a week and work up to more challenging stuff. I have about 20 pounds to loose, and a year to do it, but more importantly I want to be healthy and happy. 

I’m also going to focus on family this year. Everything is so new and exciting when you have a child and holidays are especially brilliant. And I have a whole year of endless possibilities. And on that note it’s time to end! Happy New Year! 

All for now, 



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