All I can taste is champagne…

I am not a big resolution person, I never really have been.  I would rather focus my time and energy on things that I know I can achieve, so instead of resolutions that will inevitably get broken, I set goals for myself through out the year.  Yes, there are the typical: loose a bit of weight, eat healthier, don’t drink as much alcohol, clean a bit more.  But some that are unique to me and all that is Breakfast @ Kiki’s.

1. Post at least 15 times per month – I can, have, and will continue to do this.  On average if I can do 15 posts per month I am golden.  Over the past few months I have been hammering down my weekly features, scheduling posts to optimize my time, and learning a lot about what content I want to feature.  I am so looking forward to 2016, and all of the possibilities!

2. Saving more – I am pretty bad when it comes to buying things.  I am very into quality, and sometimes that means spending a lot.  But with everything that went on this year I need to tone it down in 2016.  I am finally pinning down my skincare and beauty routines, so I’m not as obsessed with trying new stuff.  I own a lot of great “forever wardrobe” pieces, and a lot of my shoes are still in great condition.

3. Focusing on my writing – I have a few story/movie ideas that I want to complete in 2016.  I know that saying and doing are two very different things, but I can finish at least one of my ideas in 366 days (It’s leap year!).

4. Read more – I have so many books on my ever growing reading list and I need to make time to get through the books I have and have started.

For 2016 I decided to not overwhelm myself.  I am just getting settled in my new position and I want to excel at my job.  And in addition I want to excel in my personal life, all while exploring my passions.  I am so excited for all that 2016 can and will be!  Happy New Year!  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Champagne by Sugarcult


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