Cos you were so beautiful before today…

We have finally made it to October!  And that means Autumn is upon us, pumpkin spice everything has come out of the wood work, it’s a little cooler in the morning and evenings than the daytime.  Leaves are changing colour, the air is a bit brisk, it’s getting darker earlier, and I have about four weeks left in my pregnancy, give or take a bit.  Most women I’ve talked to have all said that their first born were a bit late, or like me I was almost two weeks late!

Over the next few weeks it will be crunch time to prepare for our little girl.  We have the nursery to finish, some big purchases to make and I need to prepare my hospital bag and birth plan.  I also have to wash all the adorable little baby clothes, inventory the gear we got from my shower, write and send all of the thank you notes as well.  And this week is my last bi-weekly/first weekly appointment.

Everything is going by so fast.  Aside from aching all over, and not sleeping well, I feel like all of my days are rolling into one another.  And that’s probably because I am still working.  I feel like I have hardly any time to myself and if I am able to accomplish anything it feels like the best day ever!

J and I are getting really ancy, I think for different reasons, I want to feel semi normal again, and I think he just wants to meet our little girl, I do too, I just also would like to be able to get back to feeling like a person, like myself again…  Even though I know that nothing will ever be the same.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: October Song by Amy Winehouse