It’s so surreal, I can’t survive, If this is all that’s real…

The bulk of my pregnancy was throughout S/S16, so my pregnancy must haves may be different than those of you who go through A/W pregnancies.  But regardless I thought I might share a few things I couldn’t be with out!

  1. Maxi dresses – I never in a million years thought I would look good in a maxi dress (I’m only 5’3″), I thought it was a tall gal only type deal.  Boy was I wrong.  I now have three and I lived in them all summer.  My favourite has been this black one I found for like $20 from Burlington in the spring (similar, not maternity).  And since it is a black dress I totally got away with wearing it through the end of my pregnancy in September and October too!
  2. Flats – I have always been a high heels type of girl, but during my second trimester I started to develop shin splints.  So I stuck with flats and sneakers for the remainder of my pregnancy.  I lived in these Dr Scholl’s pointy toe flats, I kind of want a pair in every colour, they are that comfortable!
  3. Staying hydrated -We had a pretty hot and dry summer in my neck of the woods, yes, the heat finally broke here and there for a few days, and eventually we got much needed rain, but none the less it was still a doozy!  One day I calculated I had over 160 ounces of fluid in one day (it was a particularly humid day).  I started to keep a water bottle at my desk that I could refill throughout the day and I even kept a water bottle in my purse.
  4. Snacks – I was not one to snack throughout the day prior to becoming pregnant, but there were some days that I felt like a Hobbit and ate and ate and ate (breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner, super…), so to combat my sometimes ravenous appetite I kept snacks in my purse, mainly whole almonds and chewy granola bars. And it was convenient to have small snacks on the go, especially on those day when I took lunch at three o’clock!
  5. Coco butter – I am usually super bad about using body lotion after a shower or before bed.  But I knew once I found out I was pregnant that I needed to make more of an effort to moisturize.  Coco butter is like the most amazing thing.  And it smells amazing.

I’ve also been wearing less make up, I will go days without wearing any, I have been staying away from my heat tools, and I’ve been focusing on skincare and well-being over fashion and trends.

My pregnancy has definitely been a learning experience especially since this is our first child, but I have learned so much about myself.  It’s been a very interesting journey.  And on that note it’s time to end!


All for now,


Title from:High by the Beach by LDR


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