Got me sparkling just like an emerald…

St. Patrick’s Day is this week, and I thought I might share a look perfect for the day, or at least something that I would wear if I was going out…  I will probably have a Guinness (or two) at home and catch up on my shows, over a night out on the town, but that’s what married twenty-somethings do now-a-days, right?



Green cashmere sweater – Halogen (similar)
Leather skirt – Ann Taylor Loft old (similar)
Green pumps – Ivanka Trump (green no longer available)

Studded belt – Hot Topic
Bangles – Vintage no hallmarks
Key necklace – Tiffany and Co.
This is the first time I am showing of my green suede pumps.  And I have to share that they are really awesome.  They are comfortable, not too high of a heel, and I find there is a lot of room in the toe box.  I also wore my leather skirt, it’s really badass, so I added my studded belt from high school, to add some extra edginess!  And on that note it’s time to end!
All for now,
Title from: Queen of Disaster by LDR

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