Lies can buy eternity…

It’s practically mid-March, Spring is just around the corner, Easter a couple weeks away, but before we get there, the dreaded Day Light Savings must be observed.  We go through it every year, loose an hour of sleep in the Spring to gain more daylight, in the Autumn we get an extra hour.

To me it just seems an antiquated system, that really brings a lot of us down.  Did you know they don’t observe DST in Arizona?  How cool is that?  DST started during WWI, but wasn’t made into a law (The Uniform Time Act) until 1966, beginning in 1967 which mandated standard times and time zones.  So that’s why we do this, it’s a law, and because of that we screw up out sleep cycles and we get more daylight, yay!  So I’m tired today, how about the rest of you?  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: MTWBT by LDR


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