Teetering off of the stage…

We are again revisiting one of my favourite subjects…  The “forever wardrobe”, in this edition we are looking at some shoe basics.  The bare minimum every gal needs.  I for one have a lot of heel options, but my go to are black patent leather and nude patent leather pumps.  I also love a loafer, my current pair is a burgundy, from G. H. Bass Co.  They are so comfortable, I feel like I’m walking on air.  For this post I went with some quality options.  Again I would adjust for the best one can afford.

I am loving the Gucci loafers, I mean are they darling or what?  I’m also a big Chuck Taylor fan, and have been for years.  I have had them in several different colours, both All Star and High Top version all throughout high school.  I used to change the laces out for fun patterned ones that I would buy at Hot Topic.  And everyone knows that Chuck Taylors aren’t comfortable (or broken in) until you rip out the rubber part at the heel.  And on that note, it’s time to end!
All for now,
Title from: Kinda Outta Luck

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