No one even knows how hard life was…

You may have visited recently and noticed some big changes!  I switched over to Word press from Blogger and got to change a whole bunch of my site just by doing so.  Not only did I revamp my blog, which I think looks amazing!  It’s more reflective of my personality, it’s more grown up, sophisticated, clean, and just all around awesome!  You’ll also notice that I have this really cool new logo.  J surprised me the other day and designed it for me.  I think it’s the coolest.  I never thought I would ever have built anything in my life that makes me so happy and fulfilled, but I did!  Over the next few weeks as I learn more about Word press and all of the options available to me.  So please be patient while I officially move in and learn about my new blogging platform.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,


Title from: Radio by LDR


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