And, darling, I will be loving you ’til we’re 70…

Valentine’s day is not the biggest deal for J and I, we usually spend a quiet evening at home together.  J usually cooks dinner, I always want seafood of some sort.  We try to watch a movie or catch up on our T.V. shows.  So I have been having so much fun with my tutorials, I thought I might share my date night make up.  J and I don’t get to have many date nights with our budget, so when we do it is super special, even if we splurge on a nice dinner at home.

I always start with a clean, dry, and moisturized face. And you can find my everyday make up tutorial here, we are just adding to that.  For this look I am going heavier on the eye make up and bolder on the lip.  For the beginning steps you can check out my everyday make up tutorial.

Applying eye shadow

When I do a night look I tend to wear a bit more eye make up.  I live for Mac Shroom, I use it all over my lid, the inner corner of my eyes, and at my brow bone.  I then use Retro liner (Bare Minerals I can’t find it anymore) with an angled liner brush and I heavily apply it.  I then finish my eyes with mascara, I’m currently using Benefit Roller Lash.  I am enjoying it so far.  But I still don’t love it as much as Diorshow.  

Tools of the trade
I almost always do my lips last.  For this look I am busting out the big guns with Annabella, I have been a NARS fan for years and it doesn’t get much better than Audacious.  This is my first Audacious lippie.  This range from Nars is very popular with lippie aficionados, and I am a convert for sure.  I think it’s the perfect finishing touch to a great date night look.


Complete look

For my make up look I decided to pair it with my favourite J. Crew sweater and my Ann Taylor LOFT leather skirt.  No look is complete without shoes.  And I went with my Ivanka Trump pumps.  This gold clutch is amazing.  I got it from a flea market a few years ago.  I hardly use it because of how small it is.  Regardless it’s darling.


Like I mentioned Valentine’s Day is one of those days that does not have that much bearing in my day to day.  I do how ever enjoy any excuse to dress up and have a great time with J.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  And one that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran


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