That’s some bread, now…

The other day J surprised me, and got some avocados!  Now, I love, love, love avocados!  But the can be annoying because when not ripe they take up space, and if they are overripe, they don’t really taste good.  Not to mention they can be expensive.  So I only get them once in a while.  One of my favourite ways to enjoy avocado is smeared on toast with a little salt and pepper.  So I thought I would share my breakfast from the other morning!  
Always have breakfast.

J bought this peasant bread from the store and we have really been enjoying it.  It’s a crusty bread and it is really delicious.  I have been using it for sandwiches, toast, and sopping up sauce when we have pasta.  It’s a good multipurpose bread.  What are some of your favourite breakfasts?  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now, 
Title from: Two Princes by Spin Doctors 

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