All the gray turns into gold…

A month into the new year and I fell like I am off the a great start to my 2016!  I have been working diligently to optimize my time behind the scenes and deliver some great content!  I’ve also added new Twitter and Facebook pages for B@K’s!  I wasn’t so sure that I would find the time to enjoy anything this month, but alas I was wrong and I enjoyed several things!

1. Shadowhunters – I am a huge fan of supernatural fiction, and I loved The Mortal Instuments movie, so when I discovered that the story was being developed into a series I couldn’t wait!  It’s airing on the new Freeform (formerly ABC Family).  I’ve gone in with a grain of salt, again I loved the movie, but I have not read the books so I don’t know which is better or more true to the series.  I’m really enjoying the show and I’m planning on picking up the books! 
2. New notebooks – A month into the new year and it’s already time for a new notebook.  My Mom got me this totally adorable one with blue and green whales on it!  I’ve already begun filling it with  all of my ideas for B@K!
3. Staying hydrated – I am all about staying hydrated, and this year I am staying on top of it.  It’s so important for your well being, so I’m making it a priority in 2016.
4. iPhone 6 Plus – J and I recently upgraded our phones, and it was a long time coming! I may look like a baby holding an iPad, but it was so worth it!  I am never going back.  It takes way better pictures, it’s fast as hell, and it’s actually responsive!  And there are so many updated features that my old iPhone 4 just didn’t have.  
5. DM boots – I have been lusting after a pair of Doc Marten combat boots for years!  Breaking them in has been a challenge, but it’s so worth it!  I can’t wait to wear them with sun dresses in Spring.  
6. War and Peace – J and I recently started watching War and Peace, on BBC, it’s really well done.  I am a sucker for the classics and this show is right up my alley.  This story has it all!  And Lily James is in it!
I am so looking forward to February and all the possibilities that it can bring.  It also means we are so much closer to Spring…  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now

Title from: Black and White Movies by Andrew McMahon 


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