Brush the snow from your hair…

For the past few weeks I have been living in my winter uniform of sweaters and trousers for work and sweaters and jeans for play.  I’ve been warm, but mostly boring.  It has been so cold that even layering isn’t enough.  Winter has finally arrived, along with all of the joy it brings, like chapped lips, dry skin, and itchy scalps.  There hasn’t been a lot of precipitation up my way, we’ve had some rain, some sleet, and a wee bit of snow.  Usually we get a lot of snow around these parts.  So I thought I would share a nice toasty ensemble for when the snow storm hits and you inevitably have to shovel your way out.

This is pretty much my weekend uniform, I am all about sweaters, (obviously) and skinnies right now.  I love that I can tuck my pants into my boots easily.  I am also in love with this Saint Laurent hat, it is gorgeous!  And the feather is too cute!  Stay warm friends.  And on that note, it’s time to end!  

All for now,

Title from: Something Vague by Bright Eyes


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