She spilled her purse and her bag…

A woman’s handbag is a very precious and private thing. As I type I hear my Mother sharing all of her advice about what a lady should keep in her bag, and the fact that you should never put it on your bed (some sort f weird superstition).  I for one, prefer leather, and for the past few years it’s been Coach.  I love the quality and accessibility Coach provides.  I can usually find a good deal on a very durable, long lasting handbag.  And I tend carry most of my life with me.  For this post, I thought I’d pull back the curtains and share what I keep in my handbag.  And just for the record, this was my favourite part of the fashion magazines when I was a child.  I guess it’s because I’m nosy; but it was always fun to see what celebrities kept in their handbags.

So I have been rocking this Coach bag for over a year now.  I picked it up at the Coach outlet in Lee, Mass.  It was on sale for $125.00 down from $498.00, it was a super steal!  The leather is a really nice quality and it is super easy to clean, which comes in handy for some one like me who typically makes a mess of her self.  I am partial to black leather and I generally like a bigger bag.

Here are some things I just can’t go with out in my bag:

Notebook (preferably composition) and pens – I write almost everyday, whether it’s a post idea, a to-do list, or a story/song idea.  I like to keep a notebook on me, you never know when inspiration may strike.  My Mother gave me this adorable notebook with green and blue whales on it for my New Year’s Day present.  I can’t wait to fill it with all of my ideas in 2016 for B@K’s!

I bring a book with me, since I started at the Bank I get an hour for lunch!!!  And unfortunately I get really bored, so I remedy that by either writing or reading.  Right now it’s The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer.

Lip stick – Nars Gipsy – This is one of my favourite lippies right now.  It’s sheer with buildable coverage, creamy, and long lasting.

Le Sport Sac make up bag – I keep very little in terms of make up in my bag: blotting papers, mirror, Lip Balm: EOS usually right now I have this fruity one (egg), and sweet mint (stick), I prefer the sweet mint and the stick version.  It’s way more convenient and portable.  But the formula is the same, I always have lip balm, my lips get so chapped. Especially in the A/W months.  I also keep  bobby pins, hair ties, back up lippies here and here.  I tend to keep my primary make up stash at home.  I don’t much like carrying it around with me if I don’t need too.

Tissues – I keep them in this super awesome Betsey Johnson designed pouch.

Sunnies – Ray Ban Wayfarer – I love my sunnies, my eyes are sensitive, so I live in them when I am outside.

And then there is the standard stuff, my wallet, work ID, house keys, 10(nant) key chain,  a Tide pen (I am always spilling on myself), a little Febreeze, deodorant, and some other miscellaneous things (I didn’t want to bore you all with the well, boring stuff like the brand of pain reliever I prefer and things like Tide pens and deodorant).  I was so excited to do this post.  Like I said this was my favourite feature in the fashion magazines as a child.  I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I have.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Build God, Then We’ll Talk by PATD!


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