And I’m trying to understand myself and pinpoint where I am…

I had so much fun sharing my Christmas playlist that I thought I might do it again.  I am really big into music over her at B@K, if any of you haven’t noticed!  So I decided to share the songs that have been stuck in my head other than Christmas music over the past few weeks.  If it’s not Punk, LDR or Classic Rock, I listen to Doo Wop, EMO and even some Pop.  Since upgrading to my to my iPhone 6 Plus two weeks ago I finally had a chance to put some music on my phone.  And here are some of my favourites.

1. Art Deco – Lana Del Rey
2. Cecilia and the Satellite – Andrew McMahon
3. Style – Taylor Swift
4. Silly Girl – The Descendants
5. Train in Vain – The Clash
6. Punk Rock Princess – Something Corporate
7. Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
8. Nine in the Afternoon – Panic At The Disco!
9. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen
10. Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
11. Serial Killer – LDR
12. Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset – Modest Mouse
13. You’re So Last Summer – Taking Back Sunday
14. Devil’s Waitin’ – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
15. Come And Go With Me – Dion

A lot of my favourite music is all over the place.  I can’t decide on one genre, time period, or style.  I just love music.  As if you all couldn’t tell…  Happy listening everyone!  And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Talking Shit About A Pretty Sunset by Modest Mouse


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