Watching reruns of Night Court on cable TV…

December has come to a close, along with that so has 2015.  2015 was a big year for me… Mainly because I switched jobs in November and got my braces off in December.  With December being such a busy month I am surprised I managed to enjoy anything!  But alas, I did!  Here are a few of my favourite things from December:

1. Night Court – J wanted to get into another show after our rewatch great of 2015 of HIMYM, and this was the perfect fit.  The show is about an offbeat judge and his bailiffs, court clerk, and lawyers.  The characters are endearing, the show is laugh out loud funny and it is definitely worth a watch.  It’s set in the mid eighties to early nineties,  so some of it is a little outrageous.

2. Not so traditional Christmas music – I mentioned some of my eclectic tastes before (here), and I can not get enough of My Chemical Romance’s rendition of All I Want For Christmas is You.

3. EOS stick lip balm – I have a lippie problem, whether it’s lip sticks, gloss, or balm there is a good chance I’m obsessed.  The stick is so much more convenient than the egg shaped container.  It’s the same price and more easily portable.

Like I mentioned December was very hectic.  But I did manage to get through it.  I am looking forward to 2016 and all of it’s possibilities.  There is so much that I can’t wait to do in 2016.  Here’s to another year of blogging!  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Perfect Teeth by Motion City Soundtrack


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