Whats’ a partridge? and what’s a pear tree?

The other day I had a day off and I decided to get in the holiday spirit and wrap some presents!  I spent my day listening to my favourite Christmas songs, shooing MacReady out of my way, and getting some shots of our decor.  I feel so accomplished, J and I only have a couple little things to pick up and then we are all done with our Christmas shopping!  

  J is way more into Christmas than I am.  I am more about Thanksgiving, but I do still enjoy spending quality time with my family.  He has to pick out the biggest tree possible (more on that once we decorate), he puts up the garland and lights every year, and he likes to arrange the ornaments on the tree.  I prefer to sit back and drink my coffee.  

Our Elf on the Shelf rides Rudolph, he also wears a football jersey.  I don’t think Rudolph seems to mind.  They are my favourite decorations.

Like I mentioned before, J puts up garland and stocking on the banister.  It looks so nice when the lights are on at night.  J also puts lights up all around the doors upstairs.  I like how it looks, pretty traditional and very festive! 

Above are our most recent ornament additions.  The snowflake is actually a bunch of Mercedes-Benz logos in varied sizes, it’s metal and shiny and it will look really nice on the tree with the lights reflecting.  Our other new addition is our Bad Wolf TARDIS.  This thing is super awesome!  It even makes noise (for those of you who are fellow Whovians, it’s the Vrworp, Vrworp sound of the brakes being on).  Both are really nice, and really fun.  I can’t wait until we decorate the #treebeast. And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now, 

Title from: 12 Days of Christmas by Relient K 


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