You like my blue nail polish…

I am no where near the best manicurist, but I still prefer to polish my own nails.  Over the past few years I have amassed quite a large nail polish collection.  I am a pretty loyal colourist, and I stick with my faves.  Here are some of my must haves, please excuse me if colours are old, or no longer available.  When I find a colour I like I tend to stick with it!

1. Black Satin 219 – Chanel
2. Flamme Rose 87 – Chanel
3. Absolutely Shore – Essie
4. Penny Talk – Essie
5. Grey Smoke – Rimmel London (This shade is at least 5 years old)
6. Meet Me At Sunset – Essie

I am also a sucker for Butter London Flawless Nail Base and PD Top Coat.  They have been a staple in my nail care routine over the past few months.  I have yet to splurge on any of the brands colour yet, but the nail care options are sublime!  I usually instagram my nails so follow along for those updates!  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All or now,

Title from: 1949 by LDR


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