In the shape of a heart that they cut out of stone

October, brought us some more returns of my favourite shows, my sisters birthday, and a bank holiday.  I also worked three additional Saturdays in a row, which can be a lot.  But no sense is complaining because that’s all over now.  I’m starting to get back into a regular routine.  It’s hard to believe that Autumn is just about at the mid point, and it’s really starting to get cold up my way.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil Rikugien – I have been a huge Nars fan since I started buying designer make up in the mid/late 2000s when I bought my first pan of Orgasm blush and face palette.  So when Sephora announced this year’s birthday gift I was in my glory.  Then I had to wait for September.  Lately I have been going through lippies like crazy and decided to use up the minis I’ve accumulated.  Mainly they are portable, but every now and again I find something that was a deluxe sample that I love.  This is the case with this Nars pencil.  This dusty rose shade reads my lips but better and it’s very easy to wear for day.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil – I did it, I finally opened up the SR LSO  and incorporated it into my routine.  I am really loving this oil.  I smells great, absorbs quickly and I am starting to notice results.  Now that I am officially in twenty-something territory and I am starting to exhibit the typical signs of aging (crows feet, fine lines, and sun damage), I thought it was high time that I kick my skin care regimen up an notch.

Oxblood – While a typical A/W colour, I didn’t really wear a lot of it in previous years.  This season, I have been very inspired by the colour and all of it’s possibilities!

American Horror Story: Hotel – I’ve been watching AHS since season one (Murder House), with season three (Coven) being my favourite.  I had high hopes for shock and awe– and hopefully some scary bits!  But I was on the fence about it, mainly because of Lady Gaga, of which I am not really a fan.  but I gotta say man, is she talented.  I am very excited about the rest of the season, I think it’s going to be a good one!

I think I enjoyed October a bit more than September.  I am so happy that things are getting back to normal.  September really whooped me ass and I am so glad to be getting further and further away from that noise.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Me V.S. Maradona V.S. Elvis by Brand New


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