And a queen’s a pawn with a bunch of fancy moves…

I have long touted my love of A/W fashions, and I am finally going to share a few of my favourites.  My typical uniform consists of a sweater and either trousers, chinos or a pencil skirt.  Sometimes I mix it up and wear a dress, or a blouse and skirt, and maybe the occasional suit.  I stick to easy, timeless, with a little edge.  It get’s the job done, and when you work in a more professional environment your clothes must.  I’ve been into green and oxblood (see 50s/60s ensembles) a lot this A/W, like a lot.  I’ve always really been into green, mainly because most shades make my eyes pop.  But this season I am all about it.  I can’t get enough.

A/W Ensembles:

Green Cashmere sweater
Ann Taylor Loft leather skirt
Dr. Marten’s

DVF wrap dress/Cami
Manolo Blahnik

Equipment White blouse
Express tartan trousers
MB pumps

I like these pieces because They can all be worn day or night, they also can be mixed and matched with the rest of my A/W wardrobe.  And whether I wear stockings or opaque tights with the dress or skirt, it’s still chic and professional for work. I’m also big on patterns for A/W.  Tartan, stripes, houndstooth, geometric. even polka dots are great for fall.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: The Queen and I by Gym Class Heroes


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