Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling…

As I mentioned in my previous post (here) I am very excited about Halloween!  At work every year there is a different theme and the branches and support departments incorporate the theme and we have a costume contest.  Last year I killed it as Wednesday Adams, this year I was thinking my hair is shorter (much shorter) so what can I possibly do?  Well I’ve been thinking why not Veronica Sawyer from Heathers?  It would be perfect, because it’s easy, Winona Ryder is awesome, and I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money.

We got notified the other day that our Credit Union theme is the 1980s… It’s like it was meant to be.  I just have to decide which outfit to do, there are a few that I really wouldn’t mind wearing.  The easiest ensemble would be the grey off the shoulder top and the black suspender dress.  The most fun would to look like I went to hell and back.  And since my hair is very similar I would just have to blow it out.  Now, where can one find a monocle, or a Big Fun tee shirt?  Or the elusive red scruchie (do they even still make scruchies?)

 Stay tuned for what I decided, I still have a couple of weeks to decide.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from:Heathers the movie


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