But the monsters turned out to be just trees…

Now that it’s October, I’ve been thinking of all the possibilities a new month brings.  This month we will be celebrating my younger sister’s birthday (she’s growing up so fast)!  This month there are two local events that I am very excited about, the first is the first Italian Festival in Kingston down on the Strand Columbus Day weekend.  The second is the biannual Burning of Kingston, which is the weekend of the 16th-18th.  There is a whole weekend full of activities, and I am super excited, I’ll probably just check out the reenactment on Sunday at Forsyth Park.  Not to mention my growing excitement for Halloween!  This years theme at work is the 1980s, which is perfect for what I have planned!

I go back to the Orthodontist on 10/20, no doubt to be told yet again that I will be getting my braces off, only to be disappointed to learn that is not the case once I get to my appointment.  I’m sure I will be getting my bands changed.  I think since it’s so close to Halloween, and I have my costume planned, I’ll go with a shade of blue.

I work three Saturdays in a row, the first was last week and the last next weekend.  I know I shouldn’t complain, many have it much worse, I am just drained.  Having one day off is not enough to get everything done, and I spend a lot of my day off during the week trying to catch up.

I am also looking forward to introducing my new A/W additions into the mix, I have worn a few of my new pieces so far.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift


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