Buy a white sweater for the last white day of the summer…

This weekend has been both good and stressful.  After closing early Friday J and I had a lovely sushi dinner from Kyoto in Kingston.  Saturday was spent cleaning the house, I scrubbed my bathroom for about two hours.  We had issues with our water that left  stains that were hard to get clean, and I scrubbed so hard that my whole body still hurts.  It was worth it though, my bathtub looks amazing! J, his Mother and I also had lunch in Saugerties at The Dutch later in the day, I had the pilgrim sandwich, which is pretty much Thanksgiving dinner.  And it was washed down with a Keegan Ales Joe Mama’s Milk, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite beers.  It is a milk stout with local coffee from Monkey Joe’s in Kingston.  Sunday was spent in Kingston at the Hooley on the Hudson, an Irish festival.  I have been going since probably 2008, and it really is a good time.  There is always live entertainment, I most like the AOH bagpipes and drums, J and I also know some participants.  There is always some beer consumption, I like Smithwick’s and Guinness the best.  There are always a lot of food and merchandise vendors.  We went down with a couple J and I are friends with and J’s Mother.

Today was back to work for me, we had to do testing and transactions for the new system that we go live with tomorrow.  I had a pretty stressful day, now that it is over I am more than relieved.  It took a bit longer to get our bearings than anticipated, but I think we’ll be okay tomorrow.  We had better be because I am working a full shift.

I’m also looking forward to my long weekend this week and my birthday early next week.  J and I were hoping to get out of town (even if it’s just for the day) and do something fun, we have a couple of ideas floating around, but we haven’t made a decision yet.  And on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Mermaid Hotel by LDR


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