…dashed and divided like a million stars in the night sky…

So soon it will be time to retreat into my sweater drawer and break out the wool trousers as the weather will turn cold, the air brisk, and the frost the will deposit on the ground in early morning.  All of this can mean only one thing “Winter is coming”…  (sorry I had too, #GoTnerd).  But before we are buried up my way in the H.V. we do have a few weeks of decent weather to showcase some super cute A/W fashions.

It’s time to put away the sundresses, shorts, and sandals.  Part of this process is making sure that all of my A/W pieces still fit well and are still in good condition for this season.  It’s never an easy task, and I don’t really like getting rid of things (You never know when you might need that one piece you got rid of!).  I already mentioned some of my favourite A/W pieces from previous seasons, but first the “notso” (sorry, read the Jessica Darling series written by Megan McCafferty for what I’m talking about) fun part of trying on clothes, checking seems, for holes and stains.  I will try to get rid of a few things (at least) because my closet is bursting at the seems!

Just like with S/S I’ll take stock in what I currently have, and base my shopping list for 15/16 off that.  I am very excited to break out my Ann Taylor LOFT leather panel skirt.  This thing is killer and I feel like a million bucks every time I wear it!  I typically wear it with a blouse or sweater, and my DM oxfords with studs (for a little more edge).  All the sweaters and wool trousers will make an appearance at some point, especially my camel wool J. Crew straight leg trousers from earlier this year and my Ann Taylor LOFT nightwatch tartan from two years ago.  I have been dreaming of wearing my houndstooth green 3/4 sleeve sweater and my cashmere v-neck I picked up last year.  I’m also going to wear the heck out of my new Calvin Klein suit that I recently purchased because I was nice suit deficient (and what working gal shouldn’t rock an awesome suit?).  As far as my dresses go, I am most excited to wear my navy Ralph Lauren dress (it’s very K. Middy, you know like THAT ISSA dress that she wore for her engagement announcement to Wills?).  And last but not least I can not wait to debut my new to me Burberry quilted jacket in light blue, I picked mine up second hand for $175, which is way less than they ever go on sale for!

 I will need a few new pieces, I really don’t think anything major (I’ve already shared my top J.Crew picks) and it’s mainly shoes.  I’m thinking about adding a new pair of grey wool wide leg trousers and maybe an oxblood pair (such a perfect colour for Autumn), that would really be it for pants.  I love this green work dress in sherwood green (mentioned here), and maybe a black sheath.  A long sleeve silk pussy bow blouse would be awesome (my current white one is sleeveless, and better for summer it’s also NOT silk…).  I am thinking about adding a few more Clare cardigans from J. Crew Factory, they are so soft, comfortable, and well made.  Not to mention that they come in all the colours of the rainbow.  The shoes I need to replace for this season may or may not break me.  First up flats, preferably black, (and maybe a pair of black patent oxfords?)[these Dr. Scholl’s are on the way], combat boots (only DMs) in maroon or black (or maybe both?), wedges or booties.  I’ll probably look to Ivanka Trump (too many to list, I like most of these pairs!), I own a pair of her pumps and I love them, they are the most comfortable 4″ heels I’ve ever worn.  They are also very durable, I’ve had them for 2+ years and they still look great.  The shoe line is also decently priced and available at several of my favourite stores.  The combat boots must be Dr. Martens, they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, and they come in all sorts of colours and patterns.  I might also check out the Jimmy Choo outlet at Woodbury, it’s been awhile since I’ve been and you never know what type of deal you might find.

What are some of your favourite A/W selections to try out?  I know it’s still early but it will be here before you know it!  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Quote from the beginning of LDR’s Ride video


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