Got the Ferris Bueller blues…

Today, a Wednesday, late August, pleasantly warm, surprising as we are now well into the “dog days” of summer.  And I had a fairly easy day at work, which is always refreshing.  During these last few weeks of summer I am known to live in my sundresses, today was no exception, I went with my Betsey Johnson blue dress, it’s definitely one of the more wearable pieces of hers that I have seen in recent memory.  When it comes to my hair, make up and accessories, I tend to keep them as simple as possible during the summer.  I like a more “natural” look, covering what I need to and enhancing the better features.

 This dress is just a great Summer staple, it’s a nice weight linen, with white ribbon trim and a ruffle hem.  I think I picked it up from the Betsey Johnson in Woodbury in 2008, I can’t believe that this dress has held up this long, but I’m glad it did.  Today I paired my vintage gold belt and Jimmy Choo flats (another Woodbury find).

Betsey Johnson is one of thouse designers that is just crazy, and I mean that in the best way possible!  Whether it’s a crazy print, tulle upon tulle upon tulle, or the cartwheels she does to close every show, she just has an amazing perception on what women’s fashion is and I hope that never goes away!  And on that note, it’s time to end!    

All for now, 
Title from:Babies Of The 80s by Something Corporate

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