…with "perfect teeth" The way we are…

Yesterday it rained and poured, and rained and poured, and rained and poured some more.  In the early evening we even had a sun shower [insert joke about double rainbows here].  And while the weather was pretty dreary all day, my day was filled with great news.  I traveled over the river and through the woods to my orthodontist for my latest appointment.  The purpose of my appointment was to check the progress of pulling my front teeth with the use little rubber bands.  My left side is probably as close as it’s going to get, my right side however is another story.  Because my right canine was impacted and I had to have surgery, and two laser treatments, my teeth have to move through scar tissue.  Which has been incredibly stubborn.  I even wore two little rubber bands on my right side to try to make my teeth move faster.  My treatment has been a very slow process, and while every case is different, and I know I needed a lot of work, I can’t believe that I am finally in the home stretch.

My appointment went very well.  My prognosis was great, with the aide of my orthodontist we decided to put my final wires in the top teeth, and monitor my right side movement.  So my wire with the super annoying key hole loops is gone, I don’t have to wear the little rubber bands either.  I also got my bands changed to hot pink, which I felt was perfect for the end of summer (and I was wearing my favourite J. Crew Factory hot pink sweater yesterday).  I am rounding third with my treatment and I couldn’t be happier.  We are aiming toward my next appointment that is in early October.  The possibility that I may be brace free by Halloween, is very hopeful and exciting!  And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Perfect Teeth by Motion City Soundtrack


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