This tune could be a reminder, of how it all used to be…

My way late to the game Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order has finally arrived!  (YAY!)  The whole reason for my temptation was I really needed a few new bras (yes, a necessary evil, of being a woman).  I prefer Calvin Klein T-Shirt Bras for everyday.  They are very comfortable (all things considered), soft, durable, and have just the right amount of padding (very little), underwire, he whole nine {#bustygalprobs}.  I ordered two, one smoke and one nude colour called sanctuary.

I then found a long maxi length nightgown/lounge dress (it could totally pass for out in public) {I’m still on the fence about that though}, I’ve wanted one for a long time and this one fit the bill, it was on sale, cotton and looked super comfy!  When I wore this for the first time I was so comfortable in this thing, it is super soft modal cotton, very light, and even though it has a shelf bra in it (I typically hate this, but I don’t mind it).  I would have preferred black, but I settled for grey, I think it will definitely serve a purpose, for those dog days of summer, and early autumn.

Then I fell. In. Love. With this amazing Equipment blouse.  I have definitely developed an affinity for white and cream coloured blouses and this one was no exception!  I can wear this top in a multitude of ways through out the year.  The best part is it is machine washable, something I can’t do with my navy Equipment blouse (it’s 100% silk) {BOO!} that I picked up second hand for $20.00 last year.

I also bit the bullet and bought new Hunter wellies and boot socks.  I went with the Original Short boot, at 5’3″ I figured that it would be easier to walk, (I already own a pair of the Original Tall Jimmy Choo wellies from a couple years ago) I ordered Hunter Green (one of my favourite colours)!  Hunter Green Hunter Wellies?  How fab!  I also got black cable knit cuff boot socks.  I went with black because I figured they wouldn’t get as dirty as a lighter colour.  And now I am all set for winter, between two pairs of wellies and my Ugg boots!  (Yeah, maybe I am a Basic White Bitch {J/K}).  In all seriousness I searched high and low last year pretty much from October to February for a suitable pair of boots with no avail.  I’m so glad I jumped the gun and prepared early!  Before you (I) know it the forecast will include frost warnings up my way in H.V. and it will be time to showcase old faves and my A/W 1516 shopping list (Oh no)!  And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Back to the Basics by LDR


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