In the flash bulbs of the pretty cameras…

I had another much needed day off today!  Which was spent sleeping in (of course!), paying bills, washing dishes, cleaning around the house a bit (a very little bit, cleaning is not my forte), taking some garbage and recycling out, and put my clean laundry away.  Provided that I am still not feeling 100%, I would say I accomplished a whole heck of a lot!

My afternoon has been spent surfing the internet and working on posts.  I also planned out my ensemble for tomorrow.  My capsule challenge is quickly coming to a close and I can hardly believe it.  This week marks the fourth week I still haven’t gotten to wear all of the ensembles that I wanted to wear.

In other news I lost my camera, I have no idea how, but that bad boy is gone…  I am so upset with myself, it was still new, I hadn’t even had a chance to spazz out and drop it!  Luckily I had saved all of the pictures to my laptop.  After frantically searching the house and talking it over with J, he suggested that I just get a new one.  The original camera was under $100, and I can easily spend more money than that on a pair of shoes anyway.  So I ordered a new camera, SD card and I decided to get the remote for J’s camera.  That way, two cameras are better than one and I can set the tri-pod up and I don’t need to enlist J’s help all the time.  I’m pretty excited about that, but they still have to arrive.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Without You by LDR


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