I hear the birds on the summer breeze…

After week one of my July 2015 capsule challenge (well, three days since the first was Wednesday), in conjunction with my low/no buy initiative; I feel it started well.  I started off nice and easy.  Pants (the chino and trouser variety) and sweaters were Wednesday and Friday, in the middle on Thursday I went with a button front blouse all three ensembles were coupled with cute summer shoes!

This weekend I plan to do some much needed laundry and put some items that I will not be wearing during this month away (mainly I don’t want to be tempted to wear them).  I will also take stock in what is clean and plan out my ensembles for the next week.

I wouldn’t say that I have “learned” anything yet from this experiment.  To me it feels as though I am just showcasing my favourite summer pieces.  I look forward to this week, I am hopeful that it will be an exciting chapter in my challenge.

Here is what I know so far (Yes, three days in):

  • My current Spring/Summer wardrobe consists of A LOT of red, white, blue, and black pieces.
  • Everything mixes and matches really well (I am still coming up with combinations and I only need to do this for a month!)
  • Skirts/Sundresses are the best! (not that I have worn any yet for my challenge).

And on that note, it’s time to end!  Stay tuned for more of my capsule challenge!

All for now,

Title from: Ride by LDR


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