From the Hollywood silver screen…

June has gone by so quickly, I feel like I barely had time to enjoy anything fully!  With that being said, I feel also that I only accomplished about a quarter of what I had originally intended.  I announced today that I am challenging myself to a capsule challenge, I started off nice and easy with a short sleeve sweater and chinos. I spilled tomato sauce on my shirt while eating dinner, so I planned on some pics, but not today (sorry)!

So without further adieu here are my favourite things from June! 
1. Summer = white clothes – Summer means wearing my white pieces again!  And I am such a sucker for wearing as much white as possible!  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but it really is the best.  As I mentioned I am shopping my closet this season, and I have only added one new piece (BR dress) because it truely was too good to pass up!
2. Vintage hair – Think Jackie O. During the White House years and Marilyn pretty much ever, lots of volume, lots of curls and a whole can of Aquanet. There is something just absolutely amazing about the 1950s and 1960s.  The days of old where men were men and women were women.  The fashion was amazing, the make up perfect.  I watched too many tutorials to mention and once I found one that made sense I went for it!  The result was super awesome hair that is due for a come back!  
3. Shiseido 50 SPF for face and body – I got a deluxe sample of this with my last Sephora order and I must say I am in love! During June I was out I the sun a few times all day and thanks to this sun screen I did not burn!  Even though I once had a tan that could kill, since I have been getting older
 I am more conscious of sun damage.  Which I have a lot of, and all that happened was my sun spots came out.  I call that a win.  You have to reapply people!  It’s very important that you do.  This stuff is a little expensive, but well worth it, and you don’t need a lot to cover, so that helps.  I have only been using it on my face, while I use a standard sunscreen on the rest of my body.  
This month was a short list, stay tuned for more fun to come in July!  And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Dum Dum by LDR

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