Cashmere, cologne and white sunshine…

With the recent talk of consumerism, low/no buy and closet clean outs.  I decided that it might be fun to try a capsule challenge.  So for the month of July I am limiting myself to thirty to forty pieces (I know this is a lot for a “capsule wardrobe”) for work since I work in a professional environment I can’t really combine my off-duty wardrobe, so this will be a work week challenge.  I am making a few cheats built in, like I have two pussy bow blouses, that counts as one, or my four pairs of chinos also counts as one. Just so I have *some* variety for work.  Believe it or not the people I help often comment on my attire, it’s mainly positive, but when it isn’t I’d rather not hear them say “The last time I was here you wore that.”  I’m also not counting accessories, like scarves, jewelry, belts, and hair accessories.  Either way I plan to limit myself and mix and match to create my daily looks.  It’s a challenge that I don’t take lightly and one I look forward too!  I figured it might be best to do this exercise in the Summer since my “Summer” only clothing is significantly less (ah em, sweaters!).  I thought it would be good to lay everything out and give my self clear rules to follow so I don’t go off track.  And since I mainly wear dresses in the summer I thought that might help.  I also haven’t decided yet, but I may do a cheat day each week.  No matter how much I plan my ensembles something always comes up, that makes me deviate from my plans. Stay tuned for more posts about my challenge, I want to recap my progress weekly and maybe do a few OOTD posts!  And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Old Money by LDR


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