Get a little bit suburban and go crazy…

Over the weekend J and I watched a pretty interesting documentary called The True Cost, written and directed by Andrew Morgan, which is about the “Fast Fashion” industry and the effects it has on the world.  I mean it’s pretty much the ruination of the world.  So much of what was brought to light makes sense, yes consumerism and a booming economy can be good things, but this doc explores the costs of such things.  There is more than enough proof that many people’s well being and the future of the planet are being hindered.  Whether it’s over 1000 people dying in a garment factory collapse, pesticides being ingested from the farms that grow cotton to make fabric, the chemicals to dye fabric and tan leather, or even GMOs and the seed engineers to produce bigger and seemingly better plants. This is all in the name of cheap tee shirts and a better next quarter, the big guys, you know like H & M (I’m not buying the whole conscious collections thing), Zara, and Forever 21, among others reign supreme at bringing cheap clothing at unbelievable prices to make you think you need everything and keep you coming back.

As a self proclaimed fashionista I wasn’t surprised about what I learned I was more excited that someone had the balls to give a voice to a growing problem.  I am definitely more aware and can make a conscious effort to be a better consumer, and purchase in a more ethical way.  I know that my personal consumption more recently has been out of control.  I was already in the process of weening myself off of excessive buying.  I am on a mission for well made, quality items that I can love for years to come, instead of the cheap replaceable clothing I have purchased in the past because of price.  If I can find items that were made in America, or in a more ethical eco-friendly way then I intend to buy better, but less.  I may or may not still buy camis from Forever 21, they are soooo cheap and easy, but come in all the colours of the rainbow, the jury is still out for me.  Maybe only when my current camis are in such disrepair that I have to replace them.

For anyone that loves fashion, or is a super crazy consumerist I strongly urge you give this doc a try.  There were times that I was shocked, happy, sad and even yelled at my television.  Oh and for any of you out there who really hate Monsanto, there’s some bashing of them too.  A lot of this film just makes sense, I feel I couldn’t have watched it at a better time.  Between my low buy/no buy initiative, the shopping my closet kick I have been on, and the fact that I have way too many clothes already.  I really think everyone should watch it, let me know what you think.  And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Cruel World by LDR


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