But my dark side’s true…

So this month instead of a recap of what I am reading (which are the same books as last time! I’ve been busy…), I thought I might share some of the things I am working on.  I have quite the list so here goes!

1. Song/Poem ideas – I have been really inspired lately to write songs/poems recently.  I am by no means a singer, nor am I very good at writing music.  But the lyrics, they just flow through my veins and pour out of my soul.  I love music, it’s a really big part of my life (I bet you all couldn’t tell).  A lot of what I have been writing is pretty dark, pop-esque like LDR meets Kurt Cobain in a monotonous wasteland.

2. Ensemble posts with better pictures – I don’t know how these blogger chicks do it!  They look fab, have jobs, and families.  They still manage to look amazing, pose their butts off and have [seemingly] daily photo shoots!  I can’t manage to take selfies in a mirror that look good.  A lot of the better photos J took.  It’s a learning curve and I have accepted the challenge! #challengeaccepted

3. My novel – It’s still a work in progress.  I have been working on this thing for about 6-7 years now and all I have to show for it are 41 pages with almost 29,000 words.  Although I am proud of my accomplishment and I have some great bits that I can’t wait for readers to laugh out loud to, or cry or want to throw the book across the room, just to walk over after a deep breath to pick it up and continue reading.  I just feel that I should have been farther along than I am.  I know that I have only myself to blame.  And I did not write for a long time.  It has only been recently that I have been forcing myself to write.  Whether it’s a blog post, a song/poem, or a few paragraphs when I can fit it in to my schedule.  I have to keep my creative juices flowing so to speak.  I think I would feel better if I was closer to my goal.

4. Low buy/No buy resolution – I sort of think this one deserves it’s own post, and I know that I will be revisiting this in the future.  As you all know I love my beauty products, whether it’s skincare, make up, hair care, or tools.  If it’s sold at Sephora I probably want it.  If it’s Shiseido, Nars, Philosophy, Fresh, Mac, Make Up Forever, Benefit, Drybar, or Bumble and Bumble, it’s on my loves list.  I have a problem.  Hello, my name is Kiki and I am a beauty addict.  I need a support group.  And the sad part is I am no better when it comes to clothing.  And if it’s on sale there is a good chance I’m buying it.  2015 has been a year for experimentation.  I tried a lot of products so far and were just about half way through.  So I decided, after my last Sephora order of course, that for the rest of the year and going forward I am not buying random stuff to try, stuff that doesn’t work or is too expensive and more clothing I will never wear.  I came to this conclusion for a couple of reasons.  I almost had a heart attack when I opened my credit card bill, then I remembered what the charges were for…  My savings account is also in a very sorry state, like I didn’t need to spend $300-400 every time I ordered something from somewhere.  I am also pretty happy with my current routine, which I will share one of these days.  So I am only repurchasing what works as far as skincare, hair and beauty goes and when it comes to my wardrobe I am only investing in the highest quality items that I can afford to replace any old pieces that need to be replaced.  I will set a clear and concise budget and get back on the bandwagon and save some money!

Wow that was another long post, I’m sorry that was two in a row this week…  And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from Kinda Outta Luck by LDR


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