Done my hair up real big beauty queen style…

I thought it was high time that I update y’all (I am so not from the South, but I find myself saying this all of the time) on my adventure using Wen.  So here’s the low down: When I let my hair air dry (which has been a lot this Summer) I get a lot of volume, which I don’t really need, but it lends well for second day hair.  When I blow dry my hair it.  Takes.  Forever.  I mean I have very short hair and it takes me like an hour to blow dry and style this mop!  Which I feel is way, way excessive.  I have to make sure that I have a good grip on my brush because if I don’t my hair ends up a giant puff ball.  But once I reach my desired result my hair looks great for about a day.  Second or third day hair is almost not an option.  Between the heat, humidity and whatever Wen has done to my hair and scalp my hair line is super greasy, like oil slick gross, but my hair is still really dry and it almost feels brittle.  My scalp also has a lot of build up, like it’s snowing on my shoulders and I can feel the build up when I wash my hair.  I think I need a deep conditioner or Head and Shoulders.  I don’t know if it’s the scent I am using (Fig), or just the formula that has made my hair and scalp react poorly.  I tried to shampoo prior to cleansing with Wen the other day and that made my scalp feel really clean, but my hair was frizzy as hell and it felt dry (that may have just been the fact that it was really humid that day).

I’m going to stick with it and hope that it gets better.  I feel it’s relevant to share that prior to cutting my hair back in November, I had my hair trained to only be washed about twice a week with the use of dry shampoo in between.  I’m trying to get back there, though it seems impossible now.  And dry shampoo isn’t really helping, if anything it makes my hair a dry puffy, frizzy mess.  It might just be the brand I am currently using (Herbal Essences).  So I decided to wash my hair with Wen everyday for about two weeks and slowly ween myself off.  Since trying this, it’s only been four days, I have been using four pumps (the instructions on the bottle suggest 16-24, which I think is way too much).  I massage it in to my scalp, dunk my head under the shower head, then massage a bit more, comb through and let it sit while I’m finishing my shower.  I then rinse and rinse and rinse and rinse.  Once I think I might be done rinsing, I turn the water to cold and rinse some more, my hair is bouncier, less frizzy and I think rinsing for what feels like twenty years is doing the trick.  I guess we’ll see how this works.  I mainly want to wash everyday to get through the cough syrup smell (I really hate it, I never thought figs smelled like cherry cough syrup).  And $79.00 is a lot to spend on something that is just okay.  Or if I end up really hating it, I will be even more disappointed.  I purposely read a lot of reviews and I saw first hand what it did for my Mother’s hair, so I thought it would be a good purchase.  But we will wait and see!

What are some of the more regrettable purchases you’ve made?  Could be beauty, clothing or otherwise.  I’d love to hear from you guys!  The only other regrettable purchase I can think of was Proactive, that stuff ruined my complexion, I could talk at length about my crummy experience with that stuff.  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Summertime Sadness by LDR


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