I pledge allegiance to my dad…

For those of you living under a rock it’s Father’s day!  And in my neck of the woods there was lots of food and laughs.  My Father is truly the best, the youngest sibling, raised by his firecracker grandmother, Air Force Veteran, softball player, and car enthusiast.  And one day in honor of him pales in comparison to all he has done, and still does for my siblings and my self.  We spent the day at my parent’s house and pretty much ate all day.  J made tuna macaroni salad and we both made chocolate covered strawberry’s, both were a big hit!  My MIL made meatballs and sauce.  My Mother made pasta salad (similar to mine, only she uses Asiago cheese, broccoli, and had to pick the mushroom pieces out for my sister who refuses to eat them). We also had cheese and crackers as well as some beverages.  My Sister made chocolate cupcakes for dessert, which was also for J (who’s birthday is this week, so we took advantage of all being together to celebrate).  I didn’t get any photos of my ensemble, which was very simple: my favourite black Gap sundress, gold vintage metal belt, black Havianas flipflops, simple make up and hair.  I’m glad I didn’t wear anything to crazy because a three year old decided to spray me with the hose, no harm no foul right?  In the late afternoon it started to pour rain, so I’m glad I took pictures when I did, for the mos part it was a really nice day.  Once we got home J and I both took naps!   Here are some of the shots I go today:

My Brother & Father, heads in a car, so very typical!

Oh, yeah, Brother, bought a boat!

Hard to see, but Brother is sticking his tongue out a me.

Waxin’, it poured like three hours later!

This is a bunny that live in my yard, it let me get pretty close! I was surprised.

And on that note, it’s time to end!  I hope everyone had a great day celebrating Father’s Day with their Fathers! 

All for now,

Title from: Cola by LDR (according to wikipedia, it’s her birthday!)


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