So pray little Kay, love is just God on a good day…

So it has been a trying couple of days… And today was no exception.  I fought back frustration and nervous breakdowns as best as I could.  All in all I am super glad that I am home and relaxing.  I definitely needed it.  I kind of feel like a whole bottle of scotch (Glennfiddich, please) or a shopping spree, speaking off which (just keep reading, you’ll see)!

In other exciting news I broke my promise to myself and I ordered more stuff from Sephora.  I promised myself after m llast ordered that I would not re-buy or try new things that I would hold off until September when I am eligible for my Nars birthday gift (I am so stoked about it BTW).  But I just hit working at my job and for that tenure you are awarded an extra $150 (taxed of course) but even still!  So I relapsed in a big way and dropped 300+ I did replace some items that I am running out of and wanted to get full size (pressed powder, purity/microdelivery, primer, foundation) and some new things (Nars Audacious Annabelle {I can’t wait} and Wen).  I have been wanting to try Wen since I first heard about it several years ago.  I was always apprehensive (and for good reason this stuff is expensive as hell!), but my mother recently tried her set that I got from my last order and it completely changed her hair (which is very similar to mine).  So I was watching QVC Sunday afternoon (as one does when feeling crummy) and I decided since I was getting a little extra money that I wasn’t counting on I just went for it.  I also picked up Bumble and Bumble Prep, I love, love, love the Hairdresser’s Oil Primer, but this is cheaper and seems similar (we’ll see), a small barrel round brush to aid in blow drying my bangs (when I use my bigger brush my bangs end up looking ridiculous!), Bare Minerals BB cream, it’s cheaper and a bigger size than Shiseido and is a mix of BB and CC and I am excited to try it!  I also picked up Tweerzerman cuticle nippers, it was a big time splurge ($30) but if they are as good quality and J won’t break them, then I think it was worth it!  I should be receiving my order tomorrow and I plan to use the newly acquired Wen.  I plan to document my time using the product so stay tuned! And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: You Won’t Know by Brand New


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