Cruising down the coast goin’ ’bout 99…

For my 100th post I thought I might do something a little different.  This post is special, it marks how far I have come with this blog and as I take a look back on the past (Breakfast at Kiki’s has been around for almost two years now guys! And I couldn’t be more excited about that!), I will take a peak into the future and aspire to be better in the future.

I started writing creatively at a very young age, I think I was about nine or ten.  I mainly wrote songs (they were really bad…), poems and short stories.  I also kept extensive journals going back to third or fourth grade (around the same time).  I would fill these journals (composition notebooks were my weapon of choice) with my daily activities and the aforementioned creativity.  As I got older my writing style and composition grew, as it would in most cases.  I also started to write screenplays, I’ve written about ten or so, not that they are good at all, or will ever see the light of day.  It wasn’t until high school that I really became passionate about writing.  My creative writing, journalism and acting teacher (Yes, I had the same teacher for three classes in one year, that’s how awesome she was!) really drove me, her critiques we unusual, her methods maddening, and her use of the English language was second to none.  She could explain how to lay a brick the right way to a career mason and make it interesting.  One day I wanted to become a writer (Now that just seems silly, I writing now), I later realized that I am a writer and I really just wanted to be published, which is something different entirely.  She made me understand that, as simple and silly as it may have been at the time.

Fashion is the only other passion that hasn’t changed much over the years… Even through my “Fashion Victim” phase where blue hair, concert tees and ripped jeans were the norm.  I still lusted after the Dior and Chanel runway shows (Except ’07 the whole line was denim, no, thank you!), Manolo Blahniks and a fox fur lined Levis denim jacket.  I may no longer have blue hair, or mix matched Converse All Stars.  I’ve graduated to silk blouses, cashmere sweaters, pearls, and suit separates.  I even own Manolos now, (Yay! Adulthood!).  I also don’t collect editorials in a Trapper Keeper (Remember those? Mine was red and had a bitchin’ metallic unicorn on the cover [I wonder whatever happened to that thing?]), I save them on my lap top now or on my Pinterest boards (I am still very obsessed with Pinterest).  My forever wardrobe grows, my ensembles are stronger, more worthy of photos, or even Instagram.  I’m still trying to pin down my beauty routines.  My skin is still acne prone, which makes it harder to find products that work well.  I am still on the road to recovery on that front and  I am confident that one day I will be the skincare champ and kick my adult acne in the butt!

After a look into the past, it’s time to look forward.  I’m looking forward to growing as a blogger, I feel like this process has taught me so much.  Not only about content, photography and photo editing (Photoshop help courtesy of J), but about myself.  I have longed for a creative outlet that wasn’t challenging, but everything in life is.  Now that I have a creative outlet that I have craved for so long I am constantly coming up with new ideas, following writing prompts and Googling how to make my little space of the internet better and a reflection of me.  And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from:Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey


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