When I’m home everything seems to be right…

Today is the last day of my #staycation.  I woke up earlier than usual, did my laundry for the week, paid bills (Yay! Being an adult is so fun! #itsatrap), I also showered, blew my hair out and reshaped my eyebrows.  I worked on some post ideas for the upcoming months, planed ensembles. Having a full day even though I’m home can get a little tiring, but I always feel so accomplished when I get a lot done.

My time off was a much needed break, I had a lot of days were I hung around the house and did house work and worked on my novel or posts.  J and I also had a lot of fun outings, we discovered new restaurants, spent time with friends and family, and binge watched a lot of Castle.  We already made it to season six, which I am super excited about.  We’ll more than likely be caught up through season seven in the next few weeks, we may need to find a new show to watch by then.  I’m looking forward to next week, not only will we be in June, and there are some great things happening in June!  My mother and I have some plans for the weekend, and I think we may have a BBQ as well!  Although I miss work and I’m excited to get back to the daily grind, I also wish my time off didn’t have to end.  And on that note, it’s time to end.  

All for now,

Title from: A Hard Days Night by The Beatles


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