Be young, be dope, be proud, like an American…

Today being Memorial Day, a day of remembrance, and honor.  And coming from a family full of military veterans it is definitely a somber one.  But for many it is also the unofficial start to Summer.  Which is a much happier reason, and is more cause for celebration.  Full of BBQs, beach days, parades and breaking out my white pieces.  I kept it patriotic today and wore my favourite red Ferrari polo, super old white midi skirt, and my navy Sperry Top-siders.  J and I spent the day together, first we had slept in and he made breakfast, which by the time we were motivated was more like lunch.  We had scrambled cheesy egg sandwiches with ham and ketchup.  J makes a mean breakfast. After we finished and got ourselves moving we had quite a busy day.  First we stopped at Boice’s Dairy in Kingston for milk shakes, we are both on a strawberry kick lately.  We like Boice’s best, not only are they really good but their price point is reasonable.  After our pit stop we had a brief visit with my sister, who was bummed that no one made any plans for today.  My sister likes any excuse to bake dessert, or make fried chicken, so don’t take that away from her.  After or visit with my sister we stopped over at a friend’s house for a few drinks and BBQ.  We enjoyed all the usual fare, burgers, hot dogs, ribs, the amazing macaroni salad our friend’s dad makes!  We also enjoyed a few drinks.    Now that May is winding down and Summer is ever close it seems like this year has already flown by.  And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: American by LDR

My Grandfather, Veteran Korea/Vietnam.



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