We are, we are dreaming… of Paris…

Tommy Hilfiger d’Orsay flats

Like most American women I am completely obsessed with “French Girl” style.  No effort make up, tousled chic hair, stripes, croissants, red wine, Coco Chanel…  The list goes on and on.  What is the fascination?  Why am I and we obsessed?  They look “lived in” in the best way.  They seemingly eat what they want, smoke, drink and some how still manage to look ageless.  How is that even possible?  Most American women either can’t or don’t pull that off well.  I don’t think I am one of them, I am already getting fine lines, crows feet, and laugh lines (yikes!).

J. Crew Stripe dress

  I try to tousle my hair– and try to make it look effortless, when in reality it took way too long to style.  I eat…  I love food, I drink ( I do love me some Champagne!), I think my one saving grace is that I did finally quit smoking for good, it’s something that is a big challenge, but totally worth it!  My wardrobe is lived in, my Forever Wardrobe is growing in the best way, and my disposable one is shrinking.  I’m super obsessed with stripes, so much so that if I dare to buy another article of striped clothing I had better get rid of three pieces or J will throw a conniption!  From tops, to pants– even shoes, if it has stripes on it there is a very good chance I want it now and may no be able to continue on with out it.  As far as I am concerned the more stripes the better!  The classic black and white are my usual go to, but I have been known to mix it up with colour, or orientation of stripe. Some of my current stripe loves are pictured throughout.   (Lilly x Target tote, J. Crew navy striped dress, Black and White striped l/s sweater).  Currently lusting after: Comme De Garcons Play tee— super expensive and never on sale, Breton stripe tee.  Other French loves: Chanel Classic Flap (here) (here) (here), this bag needs no introductions, the best handbag since sliced bread and something I have been lusting after pretty much since birth (I mean, not really, but you get the point).  And the lust grows everyday.  I know I could easily find a nice quality bag that is in the style of but goddammit I want that interlocking C logo front and center!

Detail Lilly x Target tote

My favourite stripe sweater

 I think “French Girl” style is just so romantic, I feel the same way about France in general.  And one usually looks glowing when in love.  Whether it with life, food, or another it’s always good to be in love.  I recently discovered this blog: The Cherry Blossom Girl, and I must say I am super obsessed.  Alix, is this beautiful exquisitely French woman in all of the best ways, she always looks put together, lady like and effortless.  Her clothing is to die for, her makeup is flawless (the cat eye game is strong!), her hair is seemingly effortless (her bangs are the best).  She posts in French and English, so it makes it really easy for us gals on this side of the pond.  My favourite posts are from when she visited California, she visited some really great places, the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, Palm Springs and of course Disneyland.  I love how she mixes and matches brands like Asos, Topshop, and Wildfox, with Miu Miu, Valentino, Mischino, and her Charlotte Olympia shoe collection is amazing!  Check her out, you’ll be glad you did!  And on that note it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Paris by Lana Del Rey (an Oldie but, damn is it good!)

 I know I got a wee bit rant-y with this one, all views and opinions are my own.


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