Lucky I’m in love with my best friend…

I totally look like Cinderella.

It’s hard to believe that J and I have been married for three years!  We have been together for almost  nine years and it feels like we started dating yesterday.  I started looking through my wedding photos the other day in preparation for this post and I am still at a loss that the day went by so quickly.  We all had the best time, and my best friend still says it was the best wedding she had ever been too.  It was a very small, shabby chic, DIY Alice in Wonderland themed Spring wedding.  I wore a silk and organza dream, my makeup was simple (which I did myself, and it looks great in the pics!), but pretty and my hair was up in a bouffant like Cinderella.  After three years I am no expert on marriage, nor do I claim to be but I do know that it is a blessing and has strengthened our relationship.  J and I are best friends and continue to be to this day.  We like so many of the same things, enjoy the same sports (except football, which I will never understand), a lot of the same music (The Beatles, The Deftones, DooWop, Classic Rock), and TV shows and movies.  We like to sit home and binge watch our next new adventure, lately it Castle (mentioned here).  We also enjoy getting outdoors and hiking (and there are some great places to go locally, not all of which we have been).

My favourite photo from that day.

Today we got a late start, we didn’t really have an special plans so we went to Kitchenette (twice in one week for me!) for lunch.  I had the Fried Chicken BLT with avocado, it was super awesome!  I also had an Apricot Wheat beer, which is a very refreshing treat!  J had the BBQ Bacon burger, which he said was good.  We then visited my dad, and my sister, who was home.  We also went to our local mall which is not the best, but it was something to do.  I ended up finding this super cute Doctor Who dress and Doctor Who socks.  Two things I sort of didn’t need but I have such a soft spot for Doctor Who, and I did need some new socks.  For not making plans we had a really nice day, and the weather couldn’t have been better!  As I look forward to the next year of marriage and the years beyond, I know one thing is certain, everyday is an adventure, and who better to share it with than your best friend.  And on that note, it’s time to end.


All for now,

Title from: Lucky by Jason Mraz


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