Let’s all get up and dance to a song…

Lilly x Target sundress.

Sunday was Mother’s day, so of course J and I spent the day with the mothers.  We had a lovely day hanging out at my parents house and we had a lovely dinner.  We ate steaks courtesy of my father, Sunday’s grill master, pasta salad, macaroni salad with tuna prepared by J, bean salad, which MIL made.  We then had funfetti angel food cake with whipped cream and berries for dessert that my sister, the baker made for us.  I also spent the day taking pictures.  And I wore my second Lilly x Target sundress this one is white and has a repeating sea urchin and star fish patterns in pretty blues and greens and my go to Dr. Scholl’s sandals.  I typically don’t wear white before Memorial Day, I am super old school in that way, but I threw caution to the wind and went for it!  I think this dress has enough colour in it to pass anyway!  I love this sundress for a lot of reasons, not only is it super light weight, but it is an absolutely adorable pattern.  I look forward to wearing both of my Lilly x Target sundresses all summer long.

Hair blowing in the wind.

I didn’t get a lot of good shots when we gave the mother’s their gifts, that’s okay though.  I made a last minute trip to Macy’s and pick my mother up a tote bag with anchors on it.  For my MIL I found a cabinet storage container set that is air tight (something she needed), a new vegetable peeler, another need, and a new Fiesta ware jumbo mug.  I still took a lot of decent pictures.  Once we got home I had J show me how to do some basic editing.  I even managed to edit a few on my own without any help.  I took the shot to the right outside in my parent’s back yard.  I was so surprised that I was even able to take such a good shot.  I’m not the best photographer, by any means and I love that with my new camera, even a novice like me can pull a decent shot off every now and again.  And the memory card I got with my camera allows almost 4,000 photos, I can take 20 or 30 bad shots before I get one right and it doesn’t really matter!  And I love my hair blowing in the wind.  And it was so nice to get out and enjoy the nice weather and much needed sunshine!  And on that note, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: Your Mother Should Know by The Beatles


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