I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…

It’s pretty hard to believe that we are already to our first full week of May!  This month has a lot in store and I’m sure it will go quick!  First up of course is Mother’s Day on the 10th, which is this Sunday if you can believe it!  As I mentioned (here) some gift ideas that I would get my mom.  Next up would be my orthodontist appointment, a couple weeks ago (more like a month now) a bracket came off and I have been waiting for my rescheduled appointment, well it’s the 14th.  Hopefully I can get fixed what needs to be fixed and get back to doing what I need to to get out of these annoying braces!  Then I will be off of work for 11 days for my stay-cation.  During my stay-cation Husband and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary.  The third anniversary gift is supposed to be leather, and I can only think of one thing!  A new hand bag!  Or more practical gift would be a new wallet.  I am loving this from coach!  But what I really want is a checkbook wallet.  I found one at the Coach outlet 4 or 5 years a go and I love it, but it’s time to replace and I can’t find one that is decent.  As I look forward to the rest of May, it’s time to end!

All for now,

Title from: My Girl by The Temptations


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