I just wanna feel some sunshine…

Sunday I went over to my parent’s house to help my mother clean out her closet and go through some old clothes, and by old I mean the late 80s and early 90s called and they want their stuff back.  It was no easy task, provided that my mother is a pack rat.  She keeps stuff forever, (I know where I get it from!) meaning way past it’s prime.  First we had to swap out her F/W shoes for her S/S shoes, next we had to go through her hand bags.  We switched out her in season bags and put the rest away in dust bags.  For helping I got a new with tags camel Calvin Klein skirt and a wool tartan Dooney and Burke clutch, it’s night watch and I have been lusting after ever since she bought it!  We condensed her wardrobe a lot more than I thought we would.  This upcoming weekend, I need to do my closet clean out, and season change over.  As I mentioned before (here) I’m not looking to add too much to my wardrobe this season, I do want to pick up a few pieces.  But I’m not going to add anything else until I finish my clean out and take stock of what I have.  I plan to do some outlet shopping within the next few weeks, and you never know what you might find at the outlets.

Here are some of my closet clean out tips: First take everything out of your dresser, closet, wardrobe… What ever houses your clothing take it all out.  Next sort by season, and try everything on, make sure it fits! If it fits and it’s in season, and is a “classic” or “in-style” keep it!  Put the in season “keep” clothes back, I would organize by article (shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, shorts) then ROYGBIV, but that is just me!  Then try on all “out of season” pieces, again if they are classics, or still in keep them, put them back.  Anything that doesn’t fit, is old, or beyond repair either sell, donate, or toss (respectively). If the items are in minor disrepair, like a missing button, a hem that came loose, a broken zipper, the item is just to snug or too loose, and you will actually take them to be fixed, or get crafty and fix them yourself go a head and keep them too.  If you are on the fence about some pieces, maybe hold on to them until they are in season.  If they don’t see the light of day, donate them!  Once you went through everything and decided what to keep, toss, sell and donate, take stock and create a shopping list.

I always try to replace my tired, old pieces with the best quality I can afford, which right now means J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor LOFT, Calvin Klein, and Nordstrom.  They are all my go to for everyday work wear.  I am always looking for a good deal and often check the sales.  But when it comes to investment pieces like a winter coat, a handbag, shoes, a gown for a work function, I am all for splurging (my Burberry trench, DVF wrap dresses, Betsey Johnson dress, Helmut Lang shorts, Jimmy Choo flats, Coach handbags).  For something that you will get a lot of wear, maybe spend a bit more, a cashmere sweater, wool trousers, a Lilly Pulitzer sun dress, Jack Rogers sandals, black or nude pumps, a silk blouse or dress, and suiting.  Also take in to consideration your life style.  I work in a professional setting, so I need to have a lot of work wear for all year long. I need to have suits, work dresses, trousers, blouses, nice quality sweaters, and good quality shoes for all seasons. On the other hand I don’t need as much casual weekend clothes. I have a few pairs of jeans, sneakers, tee shirts, and shorts.  I could probably make it through the next few years without needing to replace much of my weekend wardrobe.  Maybe just a new pair of Keds and some layering tees.  And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: Santa Monica by Everclear


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