So mothers, be good to your daughters too…

Mother’s day is fast approaching, it’s May 10th, jeez… that came up on quick!  We are planning to have a nice dinner with the mothers.  Still the question remains, what to get them?  Here are some things that I would pick up for my mom.  My mom is a low key woman, she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, she loves to read and craft. The beach has a special place in her heart, but she loves sweaters too!

foot cream

My mom love, love, loves this L’Occataine foot cream, she discovered it from a set that I bought her as a Christmas gift this past year.  It’s a little expensive for the price, but if this stuff is as good as my mom says than it is totally worth it!

My mother is such a bibliophile, The apple does not fall far people!  While I am a Chanel No. 5 Gal ’til the end I am always open to finding my mom something that reflects her personality.  This perfume is just the ticket!

As mentioned above my mother does not wear a lot of make up, but if she does wear make up, it’s Bare Minerals.  I turned her on to the brand back in 2012 in preparation for my wedding.  She wanted to look nice (of course!) but didn’t want to look like a different person.  I suggested that she have her make up done at a boutique.  Once there they matched her with a colour, and they are very forgiving, and hooked her up with an awesome starter set.  Since then, she’s still not super into makeup, but loves the brand and what it stands for. 
If there is any thing I picked up from my mom, besides my love of Haute Couture, it’s an affinity for sweaters.  From merino wool to cashmere to angora to cotton. Sweaters are easy to wear from day to night, work to play.  This bad boy from L.L. Bean (one of our faves), is perfect for her, a lovely deep shade of purple, a turtle neck and super soft and comfy cashmere to keep her warm (I often joke that she wears all the layers)! And on that note, it’s time to end!
All for now, 
Title from: Daughters by John Mayer (Yeah, it’s a little sappy.  I even danced with my dad at my wedding to this song.  And I think it was the only time I didn’t want him {or anyone else} to see me cry) 

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