Spring keeps you ever close…

Today I opened up my Shiseido essence, and after one use I like how it makes my skin feel, it smells a little weird, but I think I will get used to it, we’ll see how it goes. I want to give it some time before I form any real opinions, or do a review. I got motivated a washed my make up brushes, I really needed to clean them. I love using clean fluffy brushes, and I know they are better for my skin, but I am not always good about cleaning them. I’m glad I finally did. I also did a little organizing, my make up and skincare has pretty much taken over my life. While I am still trying to sort through, weed through, and find skin care for my twenty-something skin I have amassed quite a collection, which is strewn across my dresser, in the bathroom, and in a box on the floor of my bedroom. I made the decision to only repurchase what works next year and use up what I have. And I am almost certain that besides foundation, mascara, and maybe pressed powder I can make the rest of my make up last.

I planned out some super adorable ensembles for this upcoming week, and I was thinking either navy or the new deep red from the CLIX set. Since I average two manis a week I may do both. I’m also working on a few other things, stay tuned. And on that note, it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot by Brand New


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