I need the smell of summer…

This week has been a long week (#TFGIF)! This weekend should be full, between work on Saturday, house work, washing my make up brushes, post planning, ensemble planning, picture taking, and then bowling with my coworkers Sunday. Wow, I’m tired already! When a typical weekend that involves work is pretty much lost because I stay up too late Saturday night and sleep in too late Sunday, Husband and I go to lunch and then we veg out for the rest of the day. I might do a little house work, or my nails but I never feel accomplished. This stops now! I will make the most of my days and nights to be a more productive part-time blogger.

After my day off on Wednesday and all I got accomplished I (Finally at 26 almost 27) realized the power of waking up early and cramming as much as you can into one day. I planned posts, took pictures, cleaned, did my hair, nails, did a wee bit of shopping. I mainly plan my posts either on my phone note or in a notebook I carry in my purse everywhere I go. My process is admittedly a little erratic. I write everything down, either in the aforementioned notebook or on my phone. I sit trying to perfect my quip-y one liners and scour lyrics pages to find the perfect title. I hit my goal of posting every post I wanted to in April! I am super proud of that. I have been setting little goals for my self as long as I can remember, although I am not A-type at all or even super competitive, I love setting a goal, reaching that goal, and then making a new even harder goal. Other recent goals include posting more to Instagram, I am not so great at putting up pics, but more recently I have been really good about posting. I think it has more to do with my terrible vision and my poor photography skills. Embracing my currently subscribed social media (I’m good with twitter, I’m slowly getting better with Instagram, and Facebook lost my interest). Saving money (I know this one is a stretch, I made Rouge last week) but it’s important, especially when you own a home that is 100 years old (More on that another time, but 2015 is the centennial!)

All in all I’m looking forward to this weekend and the upcoming week, Next Friday is already May, and I have some fun planned, my next hair cut and my MIL’s puppy she raised for Guiding Eyes is graduating and will become a big, bad guide dog in his own right! Stay tuned, and on that note it’s time to end.

All for now,

Title from: I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light by Brand New


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